Oh goodness me….

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In working with my wonderful little Nico (which I misspoke in an earlier post on the sculptor) sculpted by Gudrun Legler, I have once again created a baby girl and not a boy. It is so hard to know at times which fits the face best, but as I started trimming the hair and loving the little features I do believe he is now a she ๐Ÿ˜‰ Nico will be completed in the next day so watch for photos. Happy Saturday….

More of my past work

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Since I am working on my Nico (which I am so pleased will be a boy) I thought I would take the time and post some more of my past work. These are all babies that have found homes all around the world. Some as far away from Florida as Australia. I am also pleased to say I had an inquiry from Hong Kong….whew, that IS a long way from Florida. Happy Friday…..

Estelle going to Switzerland….

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My wonderful Bi-racial Estelle will be making her new home in Switzerland. I send many babies overseas but this is another new country for me as I have not sent one here before. Estelle is from the sculptor Evelina Wosnjuk and I LOVE her sculpts. I am working on a new one right now by her called Nico. She/he will be a sleeping baby, as I probably enjoy those the most. Happy Tuesday……

I have listed Zinny today as she is ready now for her new home. She was such a treat to work with as she has wonderful features. This was a new sculpting artist for me to work with and I have to say I will make more dolls/babies from her talents. This wonderful baby is such a nice size as she is so cuddly in your arms. I also like that she has full legs, those are always fun with the clothing (yes, they get changed often) ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for looking…..Happy Monday

My Zinny Winters is now Complete

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I am pleased to be posting this wonderful baby as I have finally completed her.ร‚ย  She is the first and only baby I will make from this sculpt as she is limited. She was a joy to create do to her wonderful features. I have chosen to cut her hair shorter and give her more of a “newborn” style, much shorter in the front. As you can see from the previous photos I have added more color to her face and lips. She has such a wonderful set of full lips that I really wanted to accent them. She does have “mottled” skin, but hard to see in her photos.

There was so much more involved with her then the few photos I shared earlier but hopefully the process was understood a bit more.

PS: I have also hand sewn her little outfit ๐Ÿ˜‰

More Zinny WIP

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Today I am showing photos of Zinny that was sculpted by the artist Marita Winters and how I have started working on her hair. I use animal friendly goat farms to obtain the hair for both the head and the lashes. Using a 42g rooting needle I root 1-2 hairs at a time. As I go along I trim the hair as it tends to be too long for a baby. Once all the hairs have been rooted I will then seal them on the inside so when it’s combed they do not pull out.

I still need to add more color to the face and finish painting the limbs. I sew my own bodies so I need to do that as well. Normally I like to wait until I receive the kit to sew the body because even though they will say what size, that’s not always true and there are so many different types of limbs I like to be sure Iร‚ย  make the best one…..

WIP Zinny Winters

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This wonderful little kit is new from Marita Winters. I have not worked on one of her kits yet but was pleasantly surprised upon the arrival of this little beauty. Most likely it will be a girl upon completion as that seems to be just the way it works out.

I have applied approximately 7-8 layers of paint and then on the face I have added more paint. However, I have started rooting the hair and once that is complete I finalize the face coloring. Since I am once again using dark hair (my favorite) I will then paint over the light brows with a darker color and the lips need to be darkened as well. I love this sculpt as the limbs have such wonderful realism to them….

Baby Girl Estelle

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I was finally able to take her photos as yesterday was not a good day to do that, due to rain and clouds as I prefer to take them outside for natural lighting. For anyone who has been watching my work over the years know that I LOVE this sculpt. She has such a wonderful expression on her face with her bottom lip sucked in.
I have once again decided to make her into a bi-racial baby as I love working with those colors. Enjoy her photos….Happy Tuesday ๐Ÿ˜‰

Jayden going to Spain

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I am home alas from spending a week in Michigan with my family. I wanted to give the update that my Jayden, pictured below, found a new home in Spain. That is a long way for her to travel but I know that she will have a wonderful new family.

Tomorrow I will be showing off my new Estelle baby, she is one of my all time favorites. She has terrific features and really makes you smile when you look at her…..Happy Sunday!!!

My past work

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I thought I would share with you today a few babies that I have previously made. As I always state, each one is different from the other just like with real people. No two can ever be duplicated…..As you can see in the photos I do cacasian as well as any other color of ethnic, from lighter skin to darker skin.

I use Genesis Heat set paints and those are baked in so all coloring will not fade over time. Some people put a “texture” on theirs but then this gives is such a rough feeling, I like mine to have baby soft skin. So when painting the ethnic babies, I have to use browns when I paint them. Sometimes I am able to obtain a “kit” where the vinyl is already darker in color (not very many are produced). When they are already brown in color they are much easier to paint and I think the color comes out much warmer.

I am always working on new paint colors and I have just started doing “mottling”. That requires a bit more patience as it can be a slow process, depending on the size of the kit. The end result is so well worth is….