Change of topic….my lizard sanctuary

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As some of you may know, the lizard is my power animal. Not only do I love to watch them but I also try my best to listen to them as well. Living in South Florida provides them in many numbers and I have been purchasing “bird” houses for quite some time. I have discovered the lizards LOVE to live in them so they are no longer “bird” houses but Lizards homes. They especially love them in the winter time when it’s a bit chilly for them in the mornings until it warms up as they surely don’t like the cold temperatures. Here are a couple photos of our garden with their homes…..Happy Saturday

Oh My Wonderful Poppy

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I have to say I have had many people ask me if I have made a doll to keep for myself and my answer was always “no” until now. I am in love with this beautiful kit. It is everything I would ever want in a reborn. She has full legs so very fun for wearing dresses without bloomers. The face is simply gorgeous and the features are pretty. This particular baby will be needing a new home though as I will make another for myself….Happy Friday

Poppy (WIP)

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OH MY, this sculptor FINALLY got it right!! This kit is simply gorgeous. From the little nose right to the hands and feet. I have also used different coloring on this one, more blues and purples under the top coats to give it more of a 3-D effect but NOT too much. Enjoy the sneak peek on this wonderful face as I am rooting the hair today in hopes she/he will be completed by Sunday….Happy Thursday


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I have received a new kit named Poppy and I am most excited as it doesn’t appear to have any flaws. There is nothing more aggravating when working on a kit and that’s when I find the flaws. At that point it’s too late to send them back to the vendor. For as much as we pay for them, they should be selling better kits as they range from $79-$109 per kit, not inexpensive by any means.  Needless to say my Rebecca and now my last kit called Mommy’s Sweetie are both flawed. It’s normally on the fingers but I will always finish them as someone will take them even with the slight booboos. Happy Wednesday

Rebecca Schick

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I have finally finished Rebecca and have taken her photos. Since there are so few reborns with red hair I have chosen to do her hair in a gorgeous auburn color and it’s Alpaca instead of goat. I love the texture as it is so incredibly baby fine and so easy to comb. It also lays nice and flat so when the tops are changed it can be just combed right into place again. This sculpt was created by Reva Schick, she has sculpted many, many, many Lee Middleton dolls so she has been in the doll world for a long time. Thanks for letting me share her with you….Happy Monday

Nice and quiet

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Alas it is nice and quiet on the home front. There was so much going on with back and forth to Michigan that I finally feel like I am gathering myself together again.  It’s always nice to see and spend time with family and at the same time feels good to come back to reality and get busy working on my dollies again.

I tend to do a lot of closed eye or sleeping babies that I will be working on an open eyed sculpt by Romie Strydom. She is a sculptor from Africa and her babies tend to be “pretty”.  I am also finishing up my Rebecca by Reva Schick, she is a nice size sculpt, pictures to follow soon. Happy birthday to my big sister Lori who I happen to love very much, life would be boring without you;-)….Happy Thursday

Today I was able to finally take some photos of Nico, even though I did have to use a little artificial lighting. I always take them outdoors weather permitting, but today we are getting much needed rain. This little guy is from the sculpt by Gudrun Legler and she is a German sculptor. I love the noses on her sculpts, they tend to have a little flair to them and are just cute.  I also love the hands and feet on them as they have more of a realistic pose as to some that are always closed fisted, I tend to stay away from those if it’s both hands. Anyway, he is ready for a new home and I know he will find one soon….Happy Tuesday.

Getting into the swing of things….

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Well, here it is Monday afternoon and I had an issue with viewing my photos so Nico will have to wait until tomorrow. In the meanwhile, I am working on Rebecca Schick. I think this will be another girl, she’s a little bigger then the kits I have been working on. She should be around 21″ instead of 19-20″ which has kind of become the norm for me. I decided to try something a little different with her hair and I am using Alpaca as opposed to goat hair. It is so much finer in texture, so far I am really, really liking it. I am also stepping outside the box as the color is a reddish/brown. I am hoping to have her completed by weeks end…..Happy Monday 😉

Back home….

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I have returned from my wonderful home town of Traverse City, MI…..I was up there to wish my Grandmother a fond farewell. It was wonderful seeing my large family, my cousins, their kids and now their kids. It makes me sound so old 😉 I am only 46 though. I come from a very large family and it was great sharing some memories and thoughts. Now it’s time to get back into the swing of my doll world again. I will be sharing my Nico tomorrow, time permitting….Happy Sunday.

Goodnight Grandma Brown

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My wonderful Grandma Brown has finally left this planet and has been taken to her new adventure. She was the best grandma anyone could ever want. I can not even begin to go through my mind all the wonderful, wonderful memories of her and the fun we had not only as kids growing up with her and my grandfather, but as adults too we have wonderful memories. She missed my Grandfathers 90th birthday by a few short days but we know that she will be watching over him. She herself would have turned 90 on September 18th….thank you Grandma for giving me more memories than I could have dreamed of. All the years we spent with you and grandpa on the peninsula and your rhubarb pie….yum yum. I love you Grandma and I will miss you miss you miss you. Say hello to my dad for me 😉