New paints…

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I have been wanting to rid of those Genesis Heat Set paints for quite some time now and have finally found some acrylics paints to take their place. Anyone who knows me knows that I am always trying to improve my health and since the Genesis is baked in we don’t really know what it does to us, since we are not supposed to bake plastics OR vinyl. My test kit is the Adriane by Michele Fagan and I will be posting photos tomorrow. I believe I have finally accomplished the peaches and cream look…which is what I have desired for so long. I am not one to like the over painted babies with lots of blotches and scratches. This new paint I am using gives the most gorgeous skin. Photos to follow soon….Happy Saturday

WIP (work in progress)

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Here I am on a very wet Wednesday and working on my Niah/Noah by Andrea Arcello. As you can see by the photos it is a very WIDE eyed baby. It’s not often I do open eyed ones as I just personally like the sleeping babies. Andrea, the sculptor, is actually from Grand Rapids, MI….so close to my home town of Traverse City. She makes gorgeous silicone babies too. Her babies have such happy appearances to them, wonderful features. This baby will be completed by Monday as I am delayed with having to order better lashes….Happy Wet and Rainy Wednesday

Alas, my little girl Angelo is ready for a home…

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I have finally finished this wonderful little baby. I decided I best put my time to good use while I am awaiting my kits from Mr. Postman.  I have done this kit a few times as she has such a cute little face. I however, will not be making another one from this kit.  She is from the Angelo kit by Linde Scherer. It really doesn’t matter what the sculptor chooses to name them as once they are completed doesn’t always mean it will turn out with the sex they chose to name it. So in this ones case I chose to make him a her 😉 Happy Happy Friday

In waiting…

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Well, I was really hoping to have a new kit to be working on right now but Mr. Postman is not being very cooperative. In the meantime, please enjoy some more of my past work. This little girl of color is called Aisha. I can’t think of the artist off the top of my head as it’s been awhile, but she was a true joy to create as she has wonderful features. I had taken a class on how to paint babies of color and since there are truly so many different colors in people on how dark they turn out depends on how many coats I choose to use. Happy Thursday

My dark haired Poppy

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Back to doll business I have finished another Poppy by Romie Strydom and love the way she turned out. I love babies with dark hair so I chose to try it on her and LOVE the way she looks with it. She is in search of a home….

As for the fairy kit, I received and was so disappointed with the size so I will not be doing that one. Happy Friday

Back from another week in Michigan

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I am home once again from another week spent with my family in Traverse City, Michigan. It was great as my husband went as well as my brother and his family. We took walks in the forest, went canoeing and as you can see in one of the photos took a trip to the Sand Dunes on a very windy day….but was still enjoyable as the weather was so nice and cool.

Now it’s down to doll business again…I am just finishing up another Poppy, with darker hair. I will be working on a Fairy doll in the next couple of weeks and that will be very fun. It will be another sleeping baby but with fairy ears…fun fun. Happy Sunday

I loved Poppy so much I am working on another!!!

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What a gorgeous little face this kit has. I loved it so much I decided to create another…and in time I’ll be making one for myself. Yes, big girls and their dollies 😉 I will be taking a bit more time on this one due to various reasons but one in particular is I am so thrilled as I am volunteering my time at Panther Ridge Sanctuary which is a non profit organization that saves big kitties and I mean BIG kitties. Not only do I have a love for dolls but for other creatures on the planet that deserve the same care and respect as any other life. Needless to say, that will be taking up time that I will gladly sacrifice to go and be with animals. Happy Wednesday

Nico as a girl…

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I loved this face and features so much I have decided to make another one as a girl.  This kit is made by Gudrun Legler of Germany and she creates her kits with such wonderful detail from the hands to all the perfect wrinkles and creases in the feet. I also like the noses as they have such a wonderful “flare” to them. And the little lips are so well placed with the nose. I decided with this one to use one of my bodies that I make and give her full legs instead of 3/4. they are a tad bit shorter but I think for her size they are great as she has little features anyway. Happy Friday…

Here are a few more babies that have found homes. They reside all over the world and more and more of them are going to new places all the time. I just sent another one to Canada….hope she’ll have warm clothes to wear. I used to make many of them with open eyes however depending on the face I now prefer the “sleeping” ones. Each sculptor is so different that at times the eyes go in real easy and other times I have to really work to get them to fit properly. At times those without eyes are just easier to work with 😉 Happy Wednesday

Poppy Needs a Home….

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Well, I have to let this beautiful girl go to a new home. As you can see by the photos she is stunning to look at. And not only that but she also has the perfect limbs. Finally a sculptor who has succeeded in not only making a gorgeous, gorgeous face but making the perfect limbs to match.  She has full legs and we all love those as they just make dressing them a bit more fun as they don’t have to wear bloomers on the bottom. I also enjoyed working with this kit due to the wonderful vinyl she was made from, painting and rooting the hair was much more easier to work with….Happy Monday