Tiffany ready for a home….

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Our wonderful south Florida weather has allowed me to at last take her photos. I take them only outdoors in natural lighting as I think it’s more true then with a flash. So little Tiffany is all ready to go to her new home. I love her size as she is super cuddly in your arms. Her vinyl is so very soft and I LOVE the way the air dry paints are working.

I will be posting my Paris by Adrie Stoete this week as well. Being that she is opened eyed, she was surprisingly easy to work with. Although I did find a different supplier for lashes, they worked so much better. Happy Tuesday

Sneak Peek of my little Tiffany

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Instead of waiting until the weather is a bit better to take her photos outdoors (yes, the beauty of Florida) I have decided to take them indoors with a flash. The flash tends to wash out the color so it’s really not as nice as in natural light.

I have done this kit before, she is called Tiffany. I do from time to time repeat myself on doing the kits I love (as you have taken notice with the Poppy). This kit comes from the vendor Doll Dreams and for some reason since they are manufactured in Germany they have extremely baby soft vinyl, and it’s such a delight to work with.

I am hoping to be able to take her photos outside over the weekend so you can appreciate her true beauty. Happy Friday!!!

It’s always fun when my dolls (babies) go so far away from home. I never know where they will end up as there are so many doll collectors all around the world, places you would never even think about.  Ironically it will only take her about 6 days to arrive there, go figure.

I have also received a new kit today called Paris by Adrie Stoete that I will be working on soon. She is a opened eyed doll (as much as I dread putting the lashes on), I loved her fat cheeks. So keep your eyes out for her.

Here are some more photos of my Ryan….Happy Wednesday

Another Wonderful Poppy….

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I have completed another Poppy and am in love with this one. I have come a long way in such a short time with using the air dry paints. I love the coloring more so then I do with the genesis. I think it also gives the skin a different look as well. I love how she looks in the light brown hair so I chose to do that color again, normally I only use dark brown hair but I have acquired this gorgeous hair and can not resist but keep using it. I have also hand made her bright flowered outfit along with the bloomers and hand knitted her blue booties (just a couple other hands on I LOVE) Happy Saturday…

New sculpt Ryan is a GIRL….

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I have been slow to create any new dolls as I have been busy doing another “remodel” job, amongst other “life” things that just have come up.

It was fun working with the air dry paints on this new face. She is Ryan by Michelle Fagan, very well know sculptor for Lee Middleton. I really like the way she turned out with those paints and she is the 4th doll I have painted with them. I love the coloring as it’s so different then working with GHP.

I am also currently working on another Poppy, I LOVE that sculpt. I was able to snag one directly from the sculptor in Africa!!! Thanks Romie….Happy Thursday

New Tiffany Sculpt (sweet, sweet face)

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I am always excited when I have the opportunity to reborn a new sculptors work. I love this one as she has the most “dreamy” look to her face. This sculpt was created by a new artist named Corrine Kaeufeler. The name of the kit is Tiffany and that name suits her very well. She is a larger baby then I normally do, but I really enjoy her size as she can wear the larger size clothing. Happy Monday

This gorgeous little baby is all ready for her new home now. Her sculpt is called Niah/Noah by Andrea Arcello who is out of Grand Rapids, MI….so nice to do one by a “local” sculptor. I love her sculpts as she gives them such great expressions. It’s not very often she creates a doll kit, so when she did this one we had to jump on it. I have given her dark hair and those gorgeous, German glass eyes. And yes, they are glass….so they are much more real in appearance then the acrylic or similar. She is the last doll I have painted using the Genesis Paints, she was completed before I started using the air dry. Thanks for looking…Happy Saturday

Niah Arcello now completed

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I am very glad I had received her lashes yesterday so she could be completed. She is the Niah/Noah sculpt by Andrea Arcello. She has terrific big, blue eyes. More photos to come later….Happy Tuesday

My Adriane….needs a home

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I have completed this baby and she is now ready to go to her home.  Again, she is the Adriane sculpt by the very well known doll sculptor Michelle Fagan.  She is the first baby that I have painted with air dry paints and I am so thrilled with her end result. Mind you, she is NOT perfect as I am still working with the paints and getting used to them. I have chosen to no longer use the Genesis Heat Set Paints as I think that over time they will be harmful to my health as they have to be baked in. It’s not the paints themselves that are toxic, it’s the baking process that I am sure are putting fumes into the air that can not be good to breath. So, that being said I know that not only will I benefit from these air dry paints but I think it has added a softer touch to the coloring of my babies as well. Happy Sunday

Sneak Peek of my Adriane

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Okay, here is the new baby with the air dry paints…..more photos coming soon 😉